Daily Doa

Doa Before Eating

Oh Allah! Bless us on everything You give us and save us from hell fire

Doa After Eating

All praise is for Allah who fed us this food and made us Muslims

Doa Before Sleep

In the name of Allah, I live and I die

Doa Wake Up From Sleep

All praise is for Allah who gave us life after taken it away. And to Allah is our final destiny

Doa For Parents
Oh Allah! Forgive me and my parents, as they love and take care of me when I was little

Doa Before Studying
Oh Allah! Please open up to me your wisdom and protect me with your mercy

Doa Entering Toilet
Oh Allah, I seek protection in You from all evil and evil doers

Doa Leaving Toilet
All praise is for Allah who has taken away from me disease and granted me relief

Doa When Wearing A Garment
Oh Allah! I ask You the good of this garment and for which it is made, and I beg You to save me from the evils of this garment and the evil for which it was made

Doa When Looking Into The Mirror
Oh Allah! You have made my body beautiful so beautify my akhlaq also

Doa on Vehicle
Glory be to Allah who has controlled this for us, though we were unable to control it. And to Allah is our final destiny

Doa When Leaving Home
In the name of Allah, I depend on Allah. There is no might except from Allah

Doa Before Studying (2nd)


 Kalimah Syahadah
I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah

Blessings On The Prophet
Oh Allah! Bestow Your favor on Muhammad and on his family

Doa On Hearing Good News
All praise is for Allah

Just as Allah wished / God wills it

Doa When Intending To Do Something
God Willing / If Allah wills